Looking for a fun and creative way to introduce music and adventure into your baby’s or toddler’s imagination and routine, all within a group setting composed of their cute and adorable peers?

The JamLab, along with its team of expert educators and Musical Mentors, have two exciting programs for babies and toddlers that will help encourage and inspire them to explore instruments, rhythms, songs and musical concepts from around the world while acquiring coordination and movement skills.

Jamming Juniors Musical Exploration Groups form and jam together in 10-lesson Sessions.

Each lesson within a Session lasts for 30 minutes

Come and join The JamLab community, and let’s get singing and learning together!

Please contact us for more information regarding costs, as group prices do vary based on unique needs and circumstances.

The Local Vocal

Join The JamLab’s Musical Mentors, featuring some of Toronto’s top performing vocalists and accompanists, as we form a choir in a low pressure, social environment.

In an hour’s time, we take a popular song, divide it into melodies and harmonies, add a sprinkling of professional musical accompaniment, and have tons of fun.

​There is no need for any prior vocal or musical experience. We currently meet at Safari Bar and Grill on Avenue Road on Monday nights upstairs from 8:30 to 9:30. Cost is $10.00 per person per week. Please refer to our calendar for registration.

The Jamlab Band Sessions

So, you’ve heard that playing in a band is enriching socially and emotionally, and flat-out awesome, but you don’t know where to begin? Aspiring musicians of all ages and stages, children to adults, family members, colleagues, friends – If you love learning and want to experience the benefits of playing in a serious band, we have the answer!

Our Musical Mentors are all professionally-trained, gigging musicians who play in venues ranging from small clubs to large festivals that hold thousands of appreciative fans, all across Canada and the USA.

​Let us help you learn to develop a keen understanding of how to blend together as a musical force, and let our Musical Mentors share their enhanced skills and expertise with you so that we can help you to acheive your collective superstar dreams!

​All you need is yourself, and we will find the right band for you.

​If you already know of people with whom you want to play, let us work tirelessly with your group and get them listening to one another and jamming together.

​We even have Family Jams where our bands perform, so if live performance in front of an appreciative and supportive audience is part of your band’s vision, and we hope that it is, we have opportunities for you as well in proper venues!

​Bands typically commit to 10-lesson Sessions with our dedicated Musical Mentors and they continue to book in additional 10-lesson Sessions throughout the year with their Musical Mentor in order to keep growing and evolving as a musical force. Lessons vary in length, depending on what the collective goals are of the bandmates.

​Please contact us for more information regarding costs, as group prices do vary based on unique needs and circumstances.

Vocal Jam Groups

Come sing the songs you love with our Vocal Jam Groups! We have groups of all ages and stages forming regularly!

Each week, you will explore effective and fun vocal exercises, learn to sing in harmony, be introduced to musical theory basics, work on phrasing and intonation, and build self-confidence while learning to work cooperatively within a supportive group of your peers.

Interacting musically within groups and contributing in shared song are key components of The JamLab’s inclusive and optimistic philosophy. It is our greatest hope that our Vocal Jammers will enjoy all of the enhanced benefits of our program.

All of our classes are taught by one or more of our energetic and highly-qualified Musical Mentors, who are performing and touring professional musicians.

Details About Our Vocal Jam Groups:

10 X 45- minute classes will be arranged to be held at a consistent and convenient location

Classes are facilitated by The JamLab’s talented and fun-loving Musical Mentors, individually selected to best match the composition of the unique Vocal Jam Group

Classes are structured to meet the developmental and emotional needs of our students, and the classes will introduce vocal arrangements and appropriate concepts of musical theory to Vocal Jammers, all while having fun with their peers

Vocal Groups will be provided multiple opportunities to perform live at our Family Jams (i.e., our unique version of recitals) in front of friends, family members, and other members of The JamLab community

A performance of one song, edited and produced by our expert Musical Mentors, and

​A one-of-a-kind, The JamLab t-shirt!

​All ages – We’re never to young or too old to sing in groups! All levels of expertise! Get your group toghether and connect with us!

$250.00 per student (all fees and taxes included)

The Songsmith Package

Looking for an amazing gift for the musical soul in your life? Looking to organize all of your ideas into one creative musical piece? Wanna impress your partner and surprise them with a musical poem?

The JamLab offers a great gift choice for you!

Here’s the deal:

Two 45-minute Intensive Songwriting Sessions with a Musical Mentor who is an active professional musician; and

One 30-minute Audio Engineering Session to polish your final musical creation


Alongside one of The JamLab’s Musical Mentors, you will:

Learn how to analyze your favourite songs and understand how the various elements in songs work well together to create moving, meaningful and inspiring original music;

Create and perform your unique original song, solo or assisted; and

Arrange and record your original song.

The JamLab’s Audio-Engineering team will mix and master your original song and make it sound the best that it can be!