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$120.00 $99.00 excl HST

  • BeaverCreek Guitar Shelf – Shipping Notes
    We are so grateful that you have committed to taking a block of lessons with our team of experienced Musical Mentors, and we can’t wait to arrange for you to receive your free gift!

    If we need to ship the BeaverCreek Guitar Shelf (BCSHELF01) to you, we will charge you whatever rate we are quoted.

    Come by and pick it up from us if you live or work close by to where we store our items, and we’ll give you a free hug (and save you from paying any shipping fees)!

    We charge a $5 handling fee, which we call a Warehouse Distribution Fee, and it will be added to your total amount prior to you paying for your order, regardless of whether we ship the shelf to a location of your choice or if you come and pick up the shelf from us.

  • No HST For Music Lessons in Ontario, Canada
    Our shop’s defaut function is to add HST to a product for sale.

    However, becuase we are NOT obligated to charge HST for music lessons, please enter the following DISCOUNT CODE into the appropriate place, prior to paying for this promotion:


This promotion is available for new families only.

FREE BeaverCreek Guitar Shelf (BCSHELF01)

when you buy 12 X 60-minute lessons@ $70 each and use them all within 20 weeks from the date of purchase.