The JamLab is a collective dream shared initially by two friends who have both always wanted to combine their passion for music and their vast and direct experiences in working with and supporting children and adults of all ages into one ideal and evolving ensemble of musical empowerment.

By both friends drawing from their extensive professional experiences in educating children and in providing empathetic support to their respective families, The JamLab’s team of energetic directors, along with their highly-qualified instructional base of advising professionals, have developed an inclusive and student-centred approach to helping and inspiring learners acquire musical competency and mastery, both individually and as a contributing members of a shared, harmonious mosaic.

Combined, our directors have almost four decades of experience in teaching music and other subjects in classrooms and at summer camps, engaging high-risk youth, coaching parents of children with learning exceptionalities, and doing everything and anything to help learners set and actualize goals that develop a sense of self-confidence and independence while enriching their creative and optimistic selves.

Our teachers are selected astutely based on their professional and educational experience, maturity and talent. The JamLab supports our active and heavily-credentialed instructors by bestowing the best resources and by implementing efficient structures that allow for them to facilitate uplifting and skill-based sessions that inspire continuous progress and development of their students.

We offer lessons for a variety of musical instruments to students ranging in all interests, abilities and levels, from beginners to those desiring to push their creative and musical limits to well beyond where they may even believe to be possible.

As lovers of music and as musicians, The JamLab has tremendous respect for the demands endured by working musicians and believes that part of the role of their instructors is not only to teach explicit skills in music, but to also encourage their students to embrace a musical mentorship relationship with their teachers in which goals are established to exhilarate an active participation in bands, creating songs, performing and jamming. We encourage our team of teachers to pursue their own musical pursuits tirelessly and to bring that performance energy with them back into your homes.

The JamLab believes that the combination of our experienced and eager instructors, evidence-based teaching philosophy, and genuine respect for musical artists will heighten our students’ motivation to pursue their unique and collective musical dreams

Our Philosophy

At The JamLab, we believe that all people hold the potential to express themselves musically and that music is a powerful entity that enhances our world’s social, emotional and psychological experiences positively.

The JamLab understands that exposing children to music at a young age helps strengthen their mental-physical connection and that learning expression through song can help foster creativity and self-confidence.

Children and adults who experience difficulty with staying on task can find playing an instrument improves executive functioning skills, sharpens memory and helps to maintain inner peace.

The JamLab instructors believe that an interactive and supportive student-centred approach to acquiring musical skills and insight is of paramount importance. Our ultimate goal is to engage and enrich the unique artistic interests of our students optimistically throughout the duration of their creative lives.

The JamLab’s instructors are highly-qualified, experienced musicians and educators with direct experience working with students of varying abilities. Through exploring curiosities and assessing continuously, our instructors harness the strength and boundless energy of their students by setting attainable goals and creating customized plans of action with them to achieve meaningful ends.

Whether learning an instrument for the first time or reacquainting with one, The JamLab’s informed approach will help energize and mobilize the distinctive musicians found within all of us. Together, we will embrace, inspire and empower one another to evolve lovingly through the innate power of musical expression.